We are web developers, facilitators, crypto-engineers.

Experts in Node.js & distributed systems

Tech for human-centered systems


We dream into being in our spare time - like social networks which don't need the internet (it already exists, come join us). Working with new paradigms and interesting constraints brings us foresight about where the web is going, and keeps us sharp.


We're not your average devs - we also happen to be skilled teachers, facilitators, and project managers. Our multi-domain expertise makes us excellent guides and interpreters. We work with clients and their customers to discover and solve problems in a creative and enjoyable way.


Working in open source means we put collaboration at the centre, and we're used to creating something out of nothing. Every person and project is unique - we would love to develop a process that works best for you.
Our Work
  • curriculum dev
  • mentoring
  • teaching
  • community dev
  • leadership
  • facilitation
  • i18n coordination
  • scrum mastering
  • user testing
  • back-end
  • xero integration
  • agile coaching
  • full-stack
  • p2p database
  • open source
  • security
  • interfacing with govt
  • agile coaching
  • full-stack dev
  • agile coaching
  • full-stack dev

Web Development

Do you have a great idea for an app or website? Do you need extra capacity in your dev team? We can help! We create efficient applications that work as websites or mobile apps.

Our specialties include "offline first" applications that work with minimal or no internet, and security/cryptography.

We get you working software you can use as fast as possible, and then improve it with feedback. This means you'll get the app you need, with better control over the budget.



Up-skill your team in the latest javascript technologies. We run on-site or remote trainings for developers. We can teach your seniors how to support juniors, and help establish agile processes.


Do you sometimes feel like your developers are speaking another language? We're experts at translating from the tech into plain English. Work more effectively with better communication among your staff.

dominic tarr
  • security
  • open source ++
  • sailing

mix irving
  • teacher
  • scrum master
  • i18n

piet geursen
  • embedded systems
  • teacher